Maryland WIC Application Requirements

The first step to applying for the WIC program in Maryland is to call the local Maryland WIC Office in your county. They will make an appointment for you to come in, at which point they will decide if you are eligible. Here are the eligibility requirements:

"Maryland WIC eligibility requirements"

When you go for the appointment, you are going to need to bring documents to prove that you meet eligibility requirements in the four areas: (1) categorical, (2) residential, (3) income, and (4) nutrition risk: Here are the documents you need:

"Maryland WIC application requirements"

As you can see, the documents you need for the appointment is split into 3 areas. The first area is Proof of Household Income – which means that you have to provide recent pay stubs or benefits letter, or any documentation showing whatever income is coming into the household, including Social Security and Unemployment Benefits.  They also want to see your Tax returns, so they can confirm the income you are claiming. Finally, they want any Medical Assistance Card you may have and an Independence Card with a register receipt that is dated within the last thirty days. 

The next category of documents if proof of identity, so they know you are indeed who you say you are. This may include a Birth Certificate, Passport, Social Security, Any government, employer or school issued ID is also fine. You can also bring your MVA identification card.  You also have submit a proof of address so if you have a Drivers License that lists your current address on it, then you can bring that, so you show that for your proof of ID as well as proof of residency.  Another document you can bring to show proof of residency is a Utility Bill or Statement or any other official or government bill or statement that has your name and current address on it. 

In some cases, they may also require you to show proof of Pregnancy and if you already have a child, they may request immunization records and perhaps a WIC referral, if they think you should be working through a partner agency. 

"contact Maryland WIC office"

So, there you have it – these are all the documents you need to set up an appointment for a WIC application review. If you need to learn more about eligibility requirements and the four areas you will be evaluated on, see this summary from Wikipedia on the WIC program. Click here to see it

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